A downloadable game for Windows

A visual novel about mecha and aliens that I made for Wizard Jam 8. Featuring music by Joel Whitaker! https://soundcloud.com/joel-whitaker

Click on the arrow in the bottom right to continue the dialogue. You can also hold down the button if you don't feel like clicking a hundred times. Some other gameplay elements (also featuring clicking) will show up in the game, but it's extremely basic.

This is very much a work in progress and only has about 10% of what I wanted to have in the game, but I ran out of time with the jam's deadline and also other life things happening. Hopefully I'll have meaningful additions ready soon. Thanks for checking it out anyway!

Install instructions

Download the zip, extract the exe and run it. Windows only, sorry!


They_Came_Through_the_Floor_demo.zip 5 MB


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Loving this demo. Should we pester you if we find a glitch or assume you're aware of it and will consider it in time?