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Sunset Kombat is a simple fighting game made in Game Maker Studio 1.4 for Nina Freeman's Sunset Jam. Two friends are sparring on the beach at sunset the day before a martial arts tournament.

The game features three attack buttons and a CPU to fight against, and also supports 2 players playing on one keyboard. 

Update: v0.7.1 is now here! Please check the readme for the changelog. The 0.7 update text will be left below.

Update: v0.7 of the game now has a number of new features and gameplay mechanics! There is damage scaling in combos as well as increased defense at low HP. Dashing has been added to increase movement options. Blocking while standing is now possible, and the input for special moves and the super combo has been reworked.


  • A/arrow-left - left
  • D/arrow-right - right
  • W/arrow-up - jump
  • S/arrow-down - crouch
  • J/numpad1 - light attack
  • K/numpad2 - heavy attack
  • L/numpad3 - special attack
  • H/numpad4 - EX meter

If Player facing right:

  • LEFT-LEFT - dash back
  • RIGHT-RIGHT - dash forward
  • LEFT (while attacked) - block

While in blockstun:

  • EX meter - spend 25 meter to recover instantly

While in hitstun:

  • EX meter - spend 50 meter to recover instantly


  • light punch attack can take out projectiles
  • heavy standing kick can destroy Mina's anti-air sand attack
  • pressing CROUCH during the knock-down animation at the right timing speeds up recovery
  • press and hold the EX meter button during the start up animation of LAtk, HAtk, or SAtk for a super version of the move
  • press diagonal-down-forward EX to unleash the SUPER COMBO
  • the third attack of the autocombos can be cancelled into a dash or SUPER COMBO
  • dashing forward adds 5 points to the EX Meter
  • press numpad1 on the control screen to toggle between player 2 being playable and CPU-controlled

(Pressing HOME restarts the game and pressing END ends the game)


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